For high levels



Direct Incineration – when concentration isn’t necessary

Our direct incineration system is used to purify industrial air when the levels of VOCs in the process air are very high (more than 6-7g/m3), and there is no longer any need to up-concentrate.

High purification rate with direct incineration

Catalytic recuperative incineration gives a purification rate of almost 100 %.

Short start-up time

When using catalytic recuperative incineration, it never takes more than 30 minutes to make the purification system operational.

Heat recycling lowers operating costs

High temperatures following incineration makes it easy to use the surplus heat directly in the production process and to heat the facilities.

This lowers the total operating costs.

Are you emitting ozone?

Some productions do. We also offer a ozone catalyst to eliminate ozone from process air.

direct incineration from zeotech
How does it work?

We purify in a single step using catalytic recuperative incineration.
The air is directed to the catalyst for incineration using an efficient heat exchanger.


Our Offer


We can help you map out your purification needs and then suggest a customized purification solution which is sure to provide low operating costs. We will give you concrete suggestions for the best available cleantech and investigate whether you can recycle energy from the system, which in turn would lower your total operating costs even further.


We manufacture every part of the purification system at our own production facility in Arlöv. This means that we can design and adapt the purification system in accordance with the spaces available in your production facilities.


Our staff will deliver the equipment to you on time and will remain onsite until the installation has been completed. We will start up the equipment and educate your staff in its usage. We will not depart until everyone involved are satisfied.

Maintenance & remote service

Our service agreement includes an annual service visit. We will also continuously monitor the purification system through our remote connection. This allows us to monitor the system and ensure that it is operating at peak capacity with the lowest possible operating cost. We also offer servicing of purification systems that initially have not been supplied/installed by us.

How much can Zeotech lower your costs?