Low operating costs despite low concentrations

Fixed Zeolite bed for VOC emission

Our fixed zeolite bed for VOC emissions is ideal for the coating and rubber businesses where the concentrations of VOCs usually are low, but can at times be very high. This requires a purification solution that can economically manage uneven VOC concentrations.

+25 years lifespan of our zeolite bed for VOC

Thanks to its crystalline pore system and its resistance to high temperatures, zeolite can always be completely regenerated, giving the systems a very long service life.


Low operating costs

Because you can collects VOCs over a long period of time, regeneration is infrequent – which is cost-effective.

Purifies high and low concentrations

Our system is very flexible and capable of handling low concentrations of VOCs in combination with very high concentrations.

We also offer a ozone catalyst for eliminate ozone in production processes.

How does it work?

We use a two-step purification: in the first step, the VOCs are caught until the zeolite has been saturated. In the second step, the zeolite is heated, whereupon the VOCs are released in higher concentrations. These VOCs are then destroyed in a separate incineration chamber.

Zeolite purifies
The process air passes through a zeolite filter where the contaminants are adsorbed, or in other words, caught. The filter is only regenerated when the zeolite is saturated. If the amount of VOCs is low, it will take longer for the zeolite to become saturated – anywhere from a day to a week.


Once the zeolite is saturated, the zeolite filter is regenerated, i.e. heated to the point of the VOCs being released but in higher concentrations.

The concentrated airflow is then directed to a small separate incineration chamber where it is destroyed, usually in a catalyst.

More beds for increased capacity

In continuous production, two or more zeolite beds are installed to enable steady purification.

When one of the zeolite beds is being regenerated, the other will continue to adsorb VOCs.


Our Offer


We can help you map out your purification needs and then suggest a customized purification solution which is sure to provide low operating costs. We will give you concrete suggestions for the best available cleantech and investigate whether you can recycle energy from the system, which in turn would lower your total operating costs even further.


We manufacture every part of the purification system at our own production facility in Arlöv. This means that we can design and adapt the purification system in accordance with the spaces available in your production facilities.


Our staff will deliver the equipment to you on time and will remain onsite until the installation has been completed. We will start up the equipment and educate your staff in its usage. We will not depart until everyone involved are satisfied.

Maintenance & remote service

Our service agreement includes an annual service visit. We will also continuously monitor the purification system through our remote connection. This allows us to monitor the system and ensure that it is operating at peak capacity with the lowest possible operating cost. We also offer servicing of purification systems that initially have not been supplied/installed by us.

How much can Zeotech lower your costs?