Purify heavy hydrocarbons at a low operating cost

Zeolite can purify heavy hydrocarbons from emission since zeolite can withstand the high temperatures needed when regenerating heavier hydrocarbons. In the packaging industry, plastic smoke is released during laminating and extrusion. Since the amounts are always low, it is necessary to concentrate the emissions for incineration in order to keep operating costs down. 

The system can also handle other types of hydrocarbons, such as styrene and fumes from vulcanization.

Low operating costs despite low concentrations

With low pollution concentrations in the exhaust air, direct incineration, as in an RTO solution, becomes very expensive.

Complete regeneration

Unlike other adsorbents , zeolite is capable of withstanding the very high temperatures required to completely regenerate the filter when dealing with these kinds of substances.

Purify heavy hydrocarbons during +25 years

Zeolite can always be completely regenerated, in part due to its resistance to high temperatures, which gives the equipment a very long service life.All of our systems are still running after more than 25 years in operation.

We also offer a ozone catalyst for eliminate ozone in production processes.


How does it work?

We use a two-step system. In the first step, the hydrocarbons are caught in the filter until the zeolite has been saturated. The zeolite is heated, at which time the hydrocarbons are released in concentrated form. These are destroyed in a small thermal incineration chamber.

Zeolite purifies and concentrates
The process air passes through a zeolite filter, where the contaminants are adsorbed. The zeolite is regenerated after it has adsorbed a certain amount. If the hydrocarbon content is low, it takes longer before the zeolite needs to be regenerated.

During regeneration, the zeolite filter is heated to the point where the hydrocarbons are released, but in concentrated form. This takes place safely in an oxygen-free environment.

The concentrated airflow is then directed to a small thermal incineration chamber, where the hydrocarbons are destroyed.

More beds for increased capacity
In continuous production, two or more zeolite beds are installed to enable steady purification. When one of the zeolite beds is being regenerated, the other will continue to adsorb hydrocarbons.


Our Offer


We can help you map out your purification needs and then suggest a customized purification solution which is sure to provide low operating costs. We will give you concrete suggestions for the best available cleantech and investigate whether you can recycle energy from the system, which in turn would lower your total operating costs even further.


We manufacture every part of the purification system at our own production facility in Arlöv. This means that we can design and adapt the purification system in accordance with the spaces available in your production facilities.


Our staff will deliver the equipment to you on time and will remain onsite until the installation has been completed. We will start up the equipment and educate your staff in its usage. We will not depart until everyone involved are satisfied.

Maintenance & remote service

Our service agreement includes an annual service visit. We will also continuously monitor the purification system through our remote connection. This allows us to monitor the system and ensure that it is operating at peak capacity with the lowest possible operating cost. We also offer servicing of purification systems that initially have not been supplied/installed by us.

We also offer a ozone catalyst to eliminate ozone in production processes.

How much can Zeotech lower your costs?